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Sat July 5 - Hosted South Simcoe Utd

Sat July 19th - Hosted by Bracebridge SC

Sat August 9th - Hosted by Barrie SC

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News Release: A new book on Soccer Coaching and play has just been published.

Streetwise Soccer by Huronia's  Technical Director Steve Payne

    When was the last time you saw a young child climb a tree? So much of life today is pre-planned, organized and micro-managed, that we have even removed a child's freedom to play. Nowhere is that more evident than in sport. Some adults try to live their dreams through their children; but kids have dreams of their own. Children love to explore and play and we as coaches and adults must let them.

    'Streetwise Soccer' inspired by the Brazilians' approach to the game is the result of 12 years of study and research. The book explains how to transfer the beauty of street soccer to the training field.

All experts agree that the best training ground of all is the street. This book, endorsed by highly regarded professional players and coaches, includes games and tips that can be used by any coach at any level.

    Also included, are stories from  Steve Payne's soccer travels around the world. Tales from Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands and Canada show the freedom that imagination brings to soccer. Without imagination there is no creativity. Without creativity there is no joy.

    The book enables coaches to put children in an environment where they can learn themselves through trial and error. A coach can pick a theme to work on or, better still, stand back and let the kids do what they do best - play.

    The Huronia District Soccer Association is proud that one of our own has written a book that can be used to help our coaches and players enjoy the game we all love.

 Anyone interested can find more information at

Ted Duncan; HDSA Secretary

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 Dear Soccer Community,

 For the past few weeks, the Toronto team has been reaching out to club and district contacts throughout the region to provide competition information and answer any questions regarding group sales and ticket savings for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup coming this August.

 On March 1st, the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014 Official Draw will be held in Montreal where teams will be assigned to play in each host city during the group stage.  After the Draw, Venue Packs will continue to be on sale for a limited time with savings of up to 30% off the regular price of individual match tickets for group orders.  You can see every match in Toronto with a venue pack group starting from as low as $39.  To find out more about venue packs or to submit a Group/Club Request Form, please click here or visit

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The Huronia District Soccer Association board has approved the formation of a Coach Development Programme.

The initiative is designed to develop the skills of coaches working at clubs within the district and to assist them in preparing for Ontario Soccer Association courses up to provincial Pre-B and B Licences and national licences.

The CDP will be headed by Steve Payne, the HDSA Technical Director, an approved instructor and Master Learning Facilitator for the OSA.

Payne holds the Union of European Football Associations Pro-Licence, considered the highest award in the world, and has assessed candidates taking the UEFA A Licence.

Coaches interested in participating in this new programme are asked to email the Technical Director at

Coaches taking part will attend at the HDSA Centre of Excellence in Alliston on Saturdays.

The plan is for two groups of coaches to attend at the training every other week.

Coaches will be guided in the principles, philosophy and requirements of Long Term Player Development and the relevant coaching courses and take part in practical sessions.

Coach development is the most crucial component of LTPD and the leading priority for Mark Marshall, the Manager of Coach Development for the OSA.

The Huronia CDP program  will be free of charge for coaches.

FIFA Grassroots


The following are the FIFA 11 Grassroots Soccer rules for parents as presented at a four-day FIFA course in Vaughan.  



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